Teaspoons of Change is a concept and mindset. It is knowing that all our choices, decisions and actions have an impact on people and the planet.

Most of us are pretty good at doing things to support others and we get that little warm fuzzy feeling of a good deed done. Teaspoons of Change highlights that same feeling and outlook on life, not only when we do it for others, but when we make good choices, good decisions and good actions in our own personal daily lives.

Basically, we are a big pile of choices and actions and the more of these we do deliberately to have a positive impact on people and the planet, the more active and effective we are as a global citizen, even before we start supporting others.

It is kind of like using both sides of a piece of paper, using one side (helping others) is ok and pretty normal, but using both sides (making good choices and actions) is so much better (by the way, using both sides of a piece of paper is a Teaspoon of Change).

Another important component to Teaspoons of Change are the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, or any big ambition to make the world a better place. To resolve big challenges, it requires a lot of action and the best way to have a lot of action is to disperse it among lots of people. This is how we solve the big issues of the world, with our small but significant daily choices and actions.

Teaspoons of Change lives by the formula:

Small Actions    X    Lots of People    =    BIG Change

Teaspoons of Change encourages a mindset that every small action, or teaspoon, contributes to those big issues and goals and when we recognise our own power and the effect it has at the micro and macro level. We should celebrate those acts and become more determined to add more Teaspoons of Change, more often.


Teaspoons of Change began with d’Arcy taking a 1000km walk (until he got shin splints!) and cycling 1500km across Japan, to think about and discover “what are the personal choices, decisions and actions that have a positive impact on people and the planet“.

d’Arcy realised that it’s the little things each of us do in our daily lives that, combined, will create a better world for everyone, everywhere.

And so Teaspoons of Change was born as a concept and mindset to inspire social change knowing that small actions, multiplied by lots of people, equals Big change!

We know that by making personal Teaspoons of Change in our own lives, we are contributing to end extreme poverty, reduce inequality and protecting our planet… but we are not doing it alone!

Each one of us is part of a bigger global plan, The Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

There are 17 Goals and if these goals are completed it would mean an end to extreme poverty, inequality and climate change by 2030.

 Let’s make it a reality!

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